Why I am Getting Banned In Engaged Hits

Engaged Hits start getting attention from lot of users lately, this platform is is specialize on youtube traffic exchange. but as user number increased so does bugs and any other technical issue that their developer are still trying to fix.

The most recent issue user facing is “Getting Banned”, for violating the rules (Mostly because unsubscribe the channel that already being subscribe by engaged hits automation program).

The Very Reason

Users are getting banned because they unsubscribe…!!!

Well, in this matter the unsubscribe happens not because the user is intentionally unsubscribing but simply because there is two or more youtube accounts they use in their browser.

why am I say that? 

yes, it’s not a secret when youtube traffic exchange users are using more than one account. I personally use two accounts for this specific reason alone, I have one primary YT account (Which I use to get subscribe from EH Users) and a secondary YT Account (The one that I use to subscribing to other EH Users channel).

The illustration

is it confusing?
well, let me take you straight to the example. 

I got two YT Account in my browser, these two accounts are also part of the Engaged Hits family. let say my primary youtube account is primary@gmail.com (This account is to get subscribe) and the other youtube account is secondary@gmail.com (this one I use to subscribing to other EH Users channel).

on a daily basis, I always use secondary@gmail.com to login into youtube.com, to do EH Daily tasks (Watch the video, like, comment, and subscribe). and mostly after that task is done I change the account into my primary@gmail.com mostly because I want to check my youtube channel statistic on that account. regularly I will always remember to change accounts before I start the EH task.

Until one day I forget to change the account from primary@gmail.com to secondary@gmail.com when starting EH Task. after 1st video I got the first unsubscribe warning, 2nd warning comes in the next video, then after that in the third video the small pop up with part of red text come up and tell me that my EH Account has been BANNED.  

Why so? Hey… I am not subscribing nor making any reverse of action, but why I am getting banned..???!!!

if your brain asking that above question, then you need to learn my illustration I give in the previous paragraph.

Logical Explanation

EH Security system is read your EH Account Database but turn out failed to link your active youtube account properly. in my banned example above, you can see that my second account is the main (active) YT account I use to subscribing, like, comment, etc in Engaged Hits. I am getting banned not because I unsubscribe but because I use my primary account when starting EH tasks.

This is because in the EH System my account already subscribes to that YT Channel (Using my secondary YT Account) but because I am using another YT account the system read I am not subscribing yet and therefore judge that I unsubscribe from that channel and I got the fair punishment.

Steps To Avoid Getting Banned

since you already read the logical explanation above, it’s important for you to attention before you start EH tasks.

  1. make sure before you start the EH tasks, you already login into the proper YT Account you use to doing EH Task. (By this I mean login to youtube.com and not EH Account).
  2. Never Ever reverse any action done by the EH Automation program, intentionally or not.


And there you have it guys… the question for “Why Am I Getting Banned On Engaged Hits”.

I hope this article can be useful for those who look for an answer. thanks for spending your time reading this.

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