ExpressVPN Review on it’s Usability

How’s it going guys welcome back in this part of the short overview series, here, we’re taking a look at the usability of Express VPN today. Now at first glance, express VPN looks like any other VPN provider, but it doesn’t take too long to notice the differences, the website is sure attractive, but it’s real advantage here is the depth of the blog section here, if you just take a look at the blog section, you’ll notice the wealth of information that is available here. ExpressVPN Review.

Even some news reports here and there. So you know, the latest, let’s say, here, this is one of the latest articles here. And it’s been quite a controversy with Apple’s plans to scan your iPhone photos. So yeah, lots of really good information to see here, you know, a lot of VPN providers will just put some generic word salad to describe their VPN and such. But with Express VPN, you really have to appreciate how much work and research they put into their blog section, it really is very, very impressive. And I really appreciate that. And I wish more VPNs can take that approach and just share the wealth of information that they have.

ExpressVPN Review. Because I mean, at the end of the day, ExpressVPN is a tech and cybersecurity company. And they have a lot of information. And the fact that they decide to share that information in just bite sized articles is just really, really cool of them. So as far as the application itself, I mean, you know, there’s there’s nothing to say here, it’s one of the easiest VPN to use, it’s really just made to be easy to use for everybody. With a one click function here, you can change servers by clicking this, these three dots here, or you can just go to the options here. As far as speed tests, you know, it can be a very useful feature, if you’d like to just skip ahead and not test a whole bunch of servers, it’ll give you the best servers available depending on your location.

And when it comes to protocols. Here, you’ve got a bunch of protocols, I guess the automatic function wouldn’t be too useful. ExpressVPN Review. Once you know the best protocol, which will be the lightweight UDP protocol, definitely go ahead and use that. And that’s really all you have. There’s nothing else that you need to mess with when it comes to this VPN. You know, you need split tunneling just turn it on and select which one you’d like to split tunnel. So of course, if you’re not familiar, split tunneling will allow you to select which apps use the VPN and which apps don’t. So for example, I could have my torrenting client only or have my VPN only affect the torrenting client. And the rest of my network will be left alone and not affected by my VPN connection. And vice versa, of course, and with regards to the network clock, or more commonly known as the kill switch, it is also just a one click thing and it will disable your internet when your VPN disconnects unexpectedly, which is a rare thing with Express VPN unless you have an unstable connection then that’s on you. ExpressVPN Review.

So yeah, as far as usability, I think ExpressVPN can easily get an A to an A plus, you know, I’m more inclined to actually to give them an A plus, since they provide such a huge wealth of information here with with their blog section here on their website. And as far as chat that is also a plus you don’t need to provide any kind of information.

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